Revisiting Jurassic World Evolution for a Jurassic Challenge!

Are you ready for a Jurassic Challenge?

Jurassic World Evolution’s new update has arrived with a new challenge mode and honestly, it’s so much fun. Challenge mode has added well, a challenge, the main game was really fun but for me lacked any difficulty, it was really enjoyable but I was able to finish it without any major setbacks.

There have been other changes implemented within this update such as; Resizing dinosaurs to make them more accurate, you can now see what your guests see in viewing vents, new contract types, some much-needed quality of life improvements and adding some needed mechanics to the sandbox mode.

If you want to read the full patch notes, you can here.

But the main attraction for many is the challenge mode, forcing you to rush to a five-star rating on Isla Nublar. You start off with a select amount of money and risk dependent on the difficulty level you selected, you and start with the basic dinosaurs from the first island and have to unlock the rest by earning stars.

For me, this felt very much like Operation Genesis, but I wasn’t expecting it to be so difficult, I restarted the challenge a few times before I figured out the best way for me to start. The game doesn’t spoon feed you like it does in the main campaign and now you are forced to plan and deal with situations with efficiency, money actually becomes a valuable resource in this mode and it really does make you think.

The problem that I find is that there is a time par… and I spend way too long looking at the dinosaurs, it’s proving to be a problem for me! My attempts have not gone too well, with my first hard mode attempt ending with me spending too much money setting up the park and not enough on actual dinosaurs. The second time started off really well but ended up a disaster after my gates were sabotaged and my Ceratosaurus decided to have a snack on a few of my guests. My third is going pretty successful so only time will tell I suppose!

I’m hoping this update is a sign of the support that frontier will be providing the game in the future, it has massive potential and I think that with the right support and care this game could have a long lifespan.

Maybe it’s time to pick Jurassic World Evolution back up and enjoy the challenge.

Thanks for reading,


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