E3 Round-Up: Lloyd’s Turn

That time of year again where E3 comes to a close and we start placing those pre-orders for the next couple of months. Here’s my top picks from E3 and the games that are top of my pre-order list.

That time of year again where E3 comes to a close and we start placing those pre-orders for the next couple of months. Here’s my top picks from E3 and the games that are top of my pre-order list.

The Outer Worlds

This is the game I’m most excited for this year, Dale mentioned it in his post, but I generally can’t wait for this and is top of my list of pre-orders. Obisidian’s 2010 Fallout: New Vegas is possibly still one of my favourite game of all times. Obisidian tend to offer quirky and interesting worlds with loads of depth and it looks like this is the case with Outer Worlds.

My favourite line from the whole of E3 was “Some who can be a villian, a hero or a….. physcopath.” This just describes exactly what I expect from this game a character that you completely create and how you interact with things shape the world around you. You’re going to take on a corporation (a common theme this year), who have taken over the planet you arrive on and well pretty straight forward you’re going to free that planet. Or work with the corporation.

Just every thing the colours, the graphics, the monsters.. the weapons, I can’t wait for it.

Blair Witch

Now I’m a huge horror game fan but this game looks like it could top the rest. I just about made it through the film and I don’t know how I’m feeling about the game. Of course, you’re going to want optimum experience from this so chuck you headset on and turn off the lights.

Horror’s are typically set in narrow hallways with a lot of jump scares but this being set in a forest just gives it that edge, I remember watching gameplay on the Slender Man and it just aboustley terrified me. So I think this is one for all your adrenaline out there and is out pretty soon, August 30th.

Star Wars: The Fallen Jedi

The gameplay showed at E3 didn’t look too great and as per usual the graphics are due a downgrade from Alpha footage. But I’m still really excited for The Fallen Jedi. The combat looks exactly what you expect from a Star Wars game. The force powers are fully up to date allowing you to stop bullets and throw your lightsaber about. Respawn have said though that the combat will be very “melee focused”, but hopefully combing the force with lightsabre combat will just make the experience that bit more fun.

Although I’ve been a bit disappointed with the last two films in the franchise, I’m always looking forward to the next addition to the Star Wars story. There’s the whole thing surrounding microtransactions and loot boxes or whatever It’s getting me seriously excited about slicing up some storm troopers.

Astral Chain

Astral Chain in another I’m excited for on the Switch, combining action (which looks cool as hell) and detective investigation. It looks like there will be a lot of variety in gameplay in this game as each fight will even be different. You play as a Police Officer with the use of a legion, a cyber creature that well basically does your bidding in any situation.

The game opens with a bike chase scene which just instantly caught my attention. Dodging and weaving between the highway traffic just seems like so much fun. And being chucked in the deep end is something I love. The game provides a really colourful futuristic setting almost akin to something from Tron.

There’s a lot of other games that could have made the list but these are definitely the top 4 I’d pick but overall E3 was pretty awesome with a new Xbox coming next Christmas, which I’m going to start saving for now.

Any games that we missed, let us know.

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