Jurassic World Evolution: Claire’s Sanctuary DLC Review


Jurassic World: Evolution is a game of pure joy for me, I absolutely love Jurassic park and dinosaurs which made Jurassic World a huge hitter for me, I adore the game and all its flaws. After all, it’s all about the dinosaurs… not the money… 

What does the DLC add?

We get a whole new campaign inspired by the events of Jurassic world: Fallen Kingdom. Your goal, with Claire is to save the dinosaurs on Isla Nubla and transport them to sanctuary. The opening of the DLC for me was the strongest, it was created for returning players. You are tasked with photographing each species of dinosaur, that are loose on the island and it’s actually breathtaking. For me it emulated the first time we see a dinosaur in the first Jurassic Park movie and cemented why I play and love this game.Secondly, you arrive to sanctuary, where you just play the regular game with a few new missions. The dinosaurs you choose to save from sanctuary act as a pallet for this park, you can only use the ones you’ve saved, plus a few more that they’ve added in. It took be roughly three or four hours to complete the story side of this DLC, it was worth the return.


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Paleobotany grants you the ability to grow prehistoric plant life, allowing your herbivores to feed on plants that they would have when they ruled the earth.  It gives herbivores a breath of fresh air, you cannot just mix what you want, you have to think about which dinosaurs work well together because of their preferred food. Sometimes limiting a player, will allow them to be more creative, working within boundaries forced me to put dinosaurs together that I would never have thought of doing. Certain dinosaurs will love certain plants and will be hurt by other plants, so you have to be careful, after all you don’t want to hurt your dinosaurs.But you’re probably thinking “Why does this matter? Just feed them with the normal feeders and you can do whatever you want”. If you are thinking this, I’m psychic and you wouldn’t be wrong, you can certainly do this. But Herbivores now have a Paleo stat, which with the normal feeders wont provide any bonuses for your beloved Triceratops. If you do however, decide that you want to feed your Triceratops the best food that you can, then you will see many benefits. Mainly that the dinosaurs will have a higher rating and will live longer, it may be the difference between 4.5 stars and 5 stars.

New Dinosaurs.

Now the reason we are all truly here, the new dinosaurs;

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They’re okay, I don’t think any of them will be in many peoples top tens, but more dinosaurs are always welcome. I think the main attraction to this DLC is the Paleobotany, it gets me excited for what Frontier will bring to the game next. It’s okay and for the price it got me back into playing the game, the DLC costs £12.99, so for the price I got an extra few hours out of Jurassic World: Evolution. That’s worth while for me, but I love the game… so I may be a little biased. If you had doubts about Jurassic World: Evolution this DLC will not fix those doubts for you. If you’ve exhausted the game like me, then this DLC is for you, it will help you find that love for the game again.Have any of you played Jurassic World? If you have not it was actually the first review I publish on my Blog, take a look here.

Thanks for reading!




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