Music to Carry the Grind

Grind in video games is inevitable, it is needed and expected so that you can get to the higher levels. Not all games have mastered making grinding fun, but whilst doing tasks that don’t require much skill, our mind can do other things. Music has been used by me to overcome that boring grind, trust me I really hate grinding and avoid games that make me do it as much as I can. Plus, I always tend to have a headphone in my left ear, I have poor hearing in that ear from past operations and such, so having something playing in that ear tends to be comforting. So naturally, I have music playing all the time.

This blog post came because well… it’s sunny here in Wales and around this time of the year, I tend to listen to a lot of The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I don’t know why but their music fits the heat, maybe it’s the Californian influence? I found myself listening to The Getaway, which is their most recent album and found myself instinctively opening Pokemon Go. The reason being is that when Niantic released Pokemon Go, I was walking around (when alone), listening to The Getaway and playing. Subconsciously the sun, album and game merged to bring out a huge nostalgic effect and I had a great day with it. But it got me thinking about games I link with some of my favourite albums.I listened through some and remembered some of the incredible games I have linked with that Album.

Future Hearts By All Time Low always reminds me of Stardew Valley, both very ‘feel good’ sounds and games respectively. Both game and album are comforting and combine to allow me to slip into the game further and lose myself. I suppose maybe country music would be a better fit for Stardew Valley, and I’m really not sure where the connection to the two came about, but I’m a very habitual person when it comes to music, once I like an album I will listen to it on repeat constantly.

John Mayer’s live album Where the Light is will always be an album I listen to when grinding ladder on Hearthstone. I tend to listen to a lot of Blues or Rock and Roll when playing a competitive game. I know… blues for competitive games, but the music has a way of chilling me out whilst making me feel happier and the happier you are playing a game, the better you are at it right? In the same Genre, I always think of Smite when listening to music like this, I don’t work well off hype… so dubstep and that style of music never really worked well for me…

There’s a few more, but they feel more of a stretch than anything… But it’s an interesting thought… whilst in game music may be powerful in helping you remember how a game felt to play… are there any albums you listen to that remind you of your favourite games? Or what do you do to make grinding interesting?

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3 thoughts on “Music to Carry the Grind”

  1. I could have used this yesterday, the XP grind in Sekiro for the “all skills” trophy is absolutely ridiculous. All Time Low is a great band though – I think Coffee Shop Soundtrack and Dear Maria, Count Me In were my high school anthems!

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    1. I really need to play Sekiro, it was on sale a few weeks back on Xbox and I skipped out on it. All Time Low are probably the only band that I can honestly say I love all their music, they have such great songs 😁

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