Gaming relics: maybe I need to get rid of my old stuff?

My wife and I have recently started to live alone, It means I now have my own space to write and we have a gaming room, which I am considering streaming on mixer (As I don’t have a PC, so it is easy to do from the Xbox… Plus I’ll chase that Sweet Sweet Ninja Hype).

But, whilst sorting out our belongings I came across a lot of my old gaming relics and it gave me such a happy nostalgia trip, I thought I would share a few of those happy memories. (Also, a small update at the bottom of the post if you are interested!)

My first handheld;


The Gameboy Colour was the first handheld console that I have ever owned and I loved it, I remember my mum and dad gave this to me on one of my birthdays along with Pokemon Yellow and (I think) a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles game, but I did not play the later as much. I know that I have Pokemon Yellow somewhere, along with Pokemon Crystal, Silver and my Gameboy SP (Which is my favourite handheld console ever) and Pokemon Emerald (Conveniently my favourite Pokemon Game). But We have yet to get to those boxes, I’m excited about another nostalgia rush.

Surprisingly for the amount that I used this console, which was pretty much every day and the amount of time that has past since I have last used it, the thing still works! From what I can see, however, it looks like the save file has corrupted, which I think is because of a battery dying within the Pokemon Red Carterage? I’m sure after a while the saves stop working unless you change the inner battery.

The handheld that gave me freedom;


Whilst I still believe that the Gameboy SP is my favourite, the PSP comes so close that it could be a tie (if only the PSP had Pokemon Emerald…). The PSP only has a special place in my heart because of Monster Hunter Freedom 2, which was the game that introduced me to the monster hunter world and also to playing co-op on different screens. The one advantage that the PSP boasted that my Gameboys did not (Apart from great graphics) was the ability to connect with other PSPs without the use of cables, so my friends and I could hunt together without being on the same screen or having hundreds of wires hanging around. The amount of junk food that I ate during this period was incredible, I can remember being around Lloyds with another friend and the three of us slumped around his room all with a bag of Doritos and a pile of sweets and chocolates in the middle of the room.

Also included in one of those pictures was my old Blackberry mobile phone… I can not even imagine why I’ve kept that… But it just makes me want to say Oh Bruv… What’s Your BBM? Weird times they were…

My sisters handheld;


I’ve found a lot of handhelds, two PSPs and my Gameboy Colour. I did not expect to find my sisters Nintendo DS, which as you can tell by the stickers, I used for Guitar Hero. Can anyone else remember Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS? No? I’m not sure it was that popular, plus it was really bad. But after playing hundreds of hours on guitar hero 3, which I still have the Guitar controller for, I seriously need to throw out some of my old junk… I found that I needed another way to play the music rhythm game and that way was the Ds version… I seriously don’t recommend it, the way that you hold that Ds really hurt your fingers.

My Favourite Dinosaur TV program;


Primevil is a British Tv program that deals with portals that bring dinosaurs to the present, the CGI is bad and from what I remember the writing was not amazing… but this show just captivated me. I’m pretty sure, with Lauren, I have watched through this show around three times, I mean there are dinosaurs… there’s also drama and danger so… I was sold. But mostly because of the dinosaurs.

It falls into the same category as Red Dwarf, awful CGI, silly writing but I just adore it.

Do you guys keep any of your old favourite games or DVDs around? Any that you can’t let go of?

Thanks for reading,

and I’m sorry about the break between posts, (A little explanation to follow)/

It’s been a busy few weeks for me here and because of that, I’ve had to take a necessary break from blogging. It came as a relief for me as it felt my ideas were running very thin and I couldn’t find any motivation to get anything done. I was also struggling with my own scheduling which was all over the shop, so I will be updating my schedule to simply every Friday, there will be a new post from myself. (Post from Lloyd will still continue, but his schedule is full so his post will be more sporadic). Anything extra will go up randomly but will be early in the week, I’m hoping that giving myself one set upload day in the week will work better for me and help the motivation stay.

The main reason that I’ve been gone however is that my Sister-in-Law has recently moved out of our flat and now that we (Me and Lauren) have the place to ourselves, I have been putting a minimum of 2 flatpacks up a day… I hate flat packs… with a passion (seriously, fuck you Ikea).

I also know that I promised a new series, which will be starting on Friday, It will take the Friday spot this week, but I will work out a date and a time schedule for it to fall into.

Thank you for the ongoing support, I didn’t check WordPress for roughly a week… maybe two whilst I was busy and I was surprised to come back to support on the page, so thank you again!


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