Pokemon Sword & Shield: Update

It’s been a while since we’ve given our thoughts on the latest addition to the Pokemon series.

Gym leaders, as well as Pokemon are now exclusive dependent on the version of the game get. If you own Sword you will face Bea who prefers fighting type, whilst those who own Shield will fight the creepy looking Allister, who has Ghost type as his preference. Although this is probably a ploy to get you to buy both games, I think it’s really interesting as you have to swap up the Pokemon you catch dependent on the version. I wonder if the version exclusive Pokemon reflect that.

Following on from the additions of Yamper, Duraludon, Rolycoly and Friends, we now have Morpeko. This adorable little fellow carries on the tradition of cute and cuddly but deadly electric types they seem to release in each addition. But Morpeko has a dark side, with the ability hunger switch, it not only changes its appearance but also to a dark type when you don’t feed him. He also becomes more aggressive and volatile, finishing of any enemies in the hangriest of ways.


Galarian forms have been announced, and no they’re not the time lord variants (Doctor Who pun, who doesn’t love them). I personally love the Alolan variants from Sun & Moon and so happy to see them back and hopefully some of our favourites get a neat little British update. The first two Pokemon to get their new forms announced are Weezing and Zigzagoon. Weezing has a hilarious form, with his smudge now forming a mustache and his head now possessing a chimney in the form of a top hat. Whilst Zigzagoon has evolved into a skunk-like creature but the most interesting part is that the different environment in the Galar region means that Linoone can now evolve into the badass looking Obstagoone. Here’s fingers crossed to more third gen variants in the coming future.

Team Yell Male Grunt

Team Yell are the new Team Rocket you have to face in the Galar region but they’re not your organised underground criminal organisation like the other teams from previouse installments. They’re some really horrible fans of Marnie, who’s a rival looking to become the Pokemon champion and they appear everywhere she goes to support her. A really cool addition to the sports/e-sports thing they’re going for with all the stadiums. You also have a large number of rivals including Leon, Hop, Beadie and Marnie who are competing with you on the gym challenge.

Finally, Sword and Shield allows you to earn Poke XP in a more humane way, by giving your team jobs to complete. When you enter the Poke Centre, head to the Rotomi (the updated PC) and select one of a number of jobs to help out with. Certain types are better at different jobs, so just chose wisely.

So whose excited for November 15th, when Sword and Shield will hit our Switches, I’m getting really excited myself and added to my GAME pre-order list.

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