Monster Hunter World – Top five monsters.

Well guys, here it is… Iceborn is upon us, Friday we will be able to fight in a new world and I am getting so excited. It’s given me some time to think about Monster Hunter World, the base game and honestly, it is my favourite in the series. Not only because it merges hunting and fighting huge monsters perfectly, but it crafts a world that you want to explore. If you’ve not played Monster Hunter before, make sure you check out our review of the base game, to see if it’s for you. – Monster Hunter World.

whilst we at Uncapt are getting ready for Iceborn, I thought it would be fun to post some Monster Hunter related posts leading up to Iceborne. Now true to its name, Monster Hunter is full of… well… monsters. This post I’m going to be ranking my top five favourite monsters, that are currently in Monster Hunter World.
Starting off is a double, but for a good reason:

5 – Rathalos/Rathian.


Both the King and the Queen of the skies, Rathalos and Rathian have served as two of the most iconic Wyverns within the Monster Hunter franchise. I remember the first time I ever killed a Rathalos, on my PSP down my nans, watching Pokemon… I was so excited the first thing I did was call my cousin who also played the game. He was older and much better than me (At the time), so it wasn’t much of an impressive feat to him, but the fact that little old me killed the “King of the Skies” all on my own… well… that’s when I fell in love with Monster Hunter.


The Rathian well, she serves as the challenge bellow Rathalos, but she is still as deadly. The poison that she can inflict is always a sharp reminder to me that I forgot the antidotes again. In world, a deviant ‘Pink Rathian’, serves as a jump from normal quests to high-rank quests, let’s say it was a difficult fight. It reminds hunters that they need to take some time to get better equipment and study the move sets of monsters before they take on the higher-rank quests.

4 – Bazelgeuse.


You know, I had to check around four times that I spelt that right… Bazelgeuse is a roaming Alpha, you… well It… will find you anywhere. You rarely hunt Bazelgeuse, but you fight it a lot because it decides to interrupt the majority of your hunts, by well… bombing you with its explosive scales. Yeah, you heard me right, it’s explosive scales. Along with its, air-raid like roar, this monster is iconic in that… you don’t want to fight it… it wants to fight you and whatever you’re fighting, it will actively seek you out. Along with its difficulty, it also has an incredible design and that’s why it is forth on my list.

3 – Deviljho.


Ah, the angry pickle… yes angry pickle… Look at it! But don’t let its derpy appearance fool you, this thing will F*ck you up, quickly. Along with being a fan favourite, it is also a roaming alpha like the Bazelgeuse, so more than often… it will find you. but the scary thing about Deviljho is not that it looks like the thing everyone wants to be removed from their burger, it’s the fact that it can literally pick other monsters up, to use as a baseball bat. Yes, it beats you with other monsters and for that, it deserves my third-place slot. (Oh, and it has the word Devil in its name…)

2 – Legiana.


Now… Legiana and the next monster were so difficult for me, these monsters for me win on design alone. But what made Legiana take the second spot for me, is that it looks magnificent in the air… my first play-through was with a weapon that allows you to fly in the air (Insect-glaive). Along with the aerial fights, Legiana is just so pretty, well designed and can be dangerous if you don’t control it. For me, a Bow user, stamina is incredibly important… Legiana can inflict iceblight which makes your hunter consume stamina much faster. What’s more, is it uses its iceblight to stop its prey being able to escape.

1 – Tobi-Kadachi.


My favourite, by far, monster in Monster Hunter World is the Tobi-Kadachi… not just because its name is fun to say. But this thing is absolutely beautiful! It looks like a combination between a snake and a flying squirrel? but when those snake-like-eyes look at you and you see the fur on its luscious tail begin to glow with electricity… you know you’re in trouble. Now it is one of the early monsters you fight, so it’s not the most difficult fight in the game by far, but the way that it climbs into trees and pounces on you, using its huge tail to sweep and you, you can’t help but fall in love with this monster.

There you have it my five favourite monsters in Monster Hunter World. If you’ve played the game, what’re your favourite Monsters to fight? Or look at?



8 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World – Top five monsters.”

  1. Was planning on doing something similar ahead of Iceborne, though being on PC I’ve gotta wait until next year. Only a little jealous.

    Not bad for picks, though personally I’ve always found Bazel’s constant interruptions a source of annoyance rather than admiration. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I get the annoyance of bazel, but it just makes everything so difficult and fun 😅

      I’m gutted for you, I thought it was being released on everything at the same time! I’m playing the beta at the moment and the clutch claw feels so good!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. He’s like that “friend” everyone has who shows up unannounced and starts shouting at the top of his lungs making an ass of himself. Bazel showing up used to be the difference between a hunt being <5m or not. Though now I usually just let him blow up the monster for a bit until he gets bored and leaves since I got slower at hunting after my last break from the game.

        I bet it is. I can't wait to use it. From what I've seen Capcom buffed some of the lesser used weapons via the claw so that more hunters will give them a shot.

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  2. He really is!! Bazel is the friend you don’t invite to parties but still always manages to show up, drunk and trying to fight everyone! I love it!

    Yeah, they’ve used the clutch claw to improve certain weapons, I’m interested in the Switch-Axe as I think it’s a fun weapon to use. They’ve also nerfed the mantles a little, which with how good the temporal mantle is, it’s no surprise.

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  3. Not even a special mention of the Radobaan never forget how excited we got fighting that for the first time, when he reattached his spikes 😂


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