SNES Classics: Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts Review

Next up in the SNES Classics series is Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts, released back in 1991 and developed by Capcom. Super Ghouls ‘N Ghosts is the third in the Ghouls ‘n Ghosts series. You play as a knight, Arthur, who has been tasked with saving the princess, who has been captured by the demon, Saridus. Who is looking for the princess bracelet, the only way to truly destroy him. You must fight through the never ending hordes of Saridus’ demons and ghouls.

The game comes across as a pretty simple concept, you throw your weapons at the hordes, who in turn drop a range of weapons and extra points to collect. You can also access chests hidden in the game by entering certain areas of the game, which can give you much needed upgrades.

You basically only get two chances before losing a life, the armour will fall off after the first touch from enemies and then you are left vulnerable in your undies. So grabbing these upgrades can prove useful as they can grant you an extra life with the use of a shield. There are free upgrades for your armour that you can collect; bronze give you enhanced fire power, the second allows you to charge your firepower and finally you get a shield, given you that much needed extra protection, but only for one hit. Once you die, you respawn at the beginning of the level.

You are hit with a number of obstacles to deal with alongside the hordes and with a time limit to complete each mission you have to quickly get pass them. This game introduced a double jump, which is the only form control of Arthur you get in the air. When you jump you lose control, so you have to take a sort of run up to get over these obstacles. This is made difficult as you time it around randomly redrawing zombies.

If you are looking for a challenge this game should definitely be on your list, the difficulty is intense. The fact you can pick how many lives before the game is over, speaks volumes about how difficult this game can get. It’s just a classic though and I’d recommend any player to play this if they get the chance.

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