Real Neat Blogger Award

Hi everyone! So a little while ago, I believe over a month ago, I was nominated by Frostilyte for a Real Neat Blogger Award. (Sorry that it has taken so long for me to respond). If you havnt you should really check Frostylites blog out, specifically the Ruining your favourite pokemon Posts.

The Rules

  • Answer 7 questions
  • Ask 7 questions
  • Nominate 7 bloggers


  1. What is a game coming out in 2020 that you’re excited for?

There are two that I’m very excited for, the first being Ori and the Will of the Wisps. I think it’s about time that I played through Ori and the Blind Forest again, but this game really opened my eyes to the power of 2-D platformers. I think Ori opened my eyes to the style of games I played a lot as a child and helped me realise just how much I love them.
The second game is a guess, SilkSong, the follow-up to Hollow Knight. There is no definitive release date, but it can be assumed that it will release next year, I’m excited to get beat on constantly like I was in Hollow Knight.

  1. Ninjas, or Pirates? Why?

well this is quite simple, I like pirates because of the shanties but Ninjas are just straight-up awesome! Plus I suppose if you were a Ninja you would be trained from a young age, so you could always become a Ninja Pirate… isn’t that just a slightly different take on the plot of Assassins Creed: Blackflag? (Surprisingly one of my least favourite AC’s).

  1. You won a life time supply of the last thing you spent money on. What is it, are you excited, and how do you intend to use your comically overstocked collection of this commodity?

Coffee, hmm… I could work with that. I think the most logical conclusion would be to open a coffee shop, but that sounds a bit boring to me so, I would end up doing stupid stuff like filling a pool with coffee beans and trying to swim in them… that actually sounds quite fun.

  1. God almighty above. They were right! AI took over the world and started building mecha-style enforcers out of the factories. Which billion-dollar software company is responsible for ending humanity and do you submit to our AI overlords, or rebel against them?

Jesus, let’s hope it’s not EA or Ubisoft, can you imagine?

“You are now under the control of EA, please pay £2.99 for an extra day on this earth, without oxygen. You can buy a premium day, that included oxygen, for £4.99. Season passes, that only last a week, cost £20.99. You can also purchase the ability for a random chance at a day/week/month on earth in an exclusive looking suit, with our brand new Surprise Mechanics non-gambling boxes, for only £1.99 a roll… I mean chance.”

I really don’t know how you defeat that, potentially you just have to pay up… sigh, or hope their servers go down.

  1. What was the reason you started your blog? Feel free to be as detailed as you see fit with this one.

The main answer would be with me studying English I wanted to write more. We had a class called ‘Creative non-fiction’, where we had to write blog posts and I thought “Hey! Maybe I could write about video games” and I started writing a post on how bare Sea of Thieves was, which I never published.

The reason that I am continuing to write, is that eventually, I want to turn my writing towards helping video games become more acceptable in the educational system. I’m in my third year of university now and so far the only game that has been mentioned is Gone Home and whilst its an okay game… I feel that its criminal that none of the gaming classics have even been considered as worthy enough to take a look into. I want to show people that games have the chance to explore stories and emotions in a way that books can only dream. In short, I’m an English student, surrounded by book lovers, trying to tell them that games are better… Don’t tell me the odds.

  1. You wake up one day and find that you are now your least favourite character from your favourite television show (use a video game if you don’t watch TV). Who are you and how do you feel about it?

You know, I’m really struggling to answer this one. If there is a character that I don’t like, I generally don’t watch, so I suppose we go to video games. I Suppose for a favourite video game, we would look at the monster hunter and it would be really easy to pick the Handler, but if I did become the Handler I would have a ball because she just tags along and gets a lot of the credit.

*I don’t really hate the Handler, but she’s the only character that can annoy me within the game. So… sorry Handler.

  1. What’s a skill you wish you had, but can’t find the time in the day to learn or master?

I would love to be able the draw, I really love seeing peoples art and skills, it’s a form that I truly appreciate, but just can’t get to grips with. I’m currently happy just writing, I’ll leave the visual stuff to people who are truly skilled at it.

So, time for my questions.

  1. What’s your favourite blog post that you’ve written? And why?
  2. What’s your earliest gaming memory?
  3. In a world where we’re getting remake after remake, is there a game that you would love to play again with a remastered version?
  4. Since it’s October, do you love, hate or just don’t care about Halloween? is there any reason why?
  5. Keeping with the Halloween theme, what’s your favourite horror game? (You can pick a movie or book if you want).
  6. Cat person, Dog person or something else?
  7. Godzilla is invading your home town, your only help is the main character in the last game you played… How dead are you? (Book or movie can be used instead!).

Anyways, there’s my questions now for my nominees!

Blunt Japanese Woman, Adventure Rules, One Nerd, A Geek Girl’s Guide, LeeksEverywhere, Nerd Side of Life, Around the Bonfire


4 thoughts on “Real Neat Blogger Award”

  1. Great answers all around.

    Also pumped for Silksong! Hopefully next year. Though next year is already going to be flood with stuff I missed this year. At least for the first bit it is anyway.

    That is certainly an uphill battle. Trying to convince people who really like to read that video games are better than books. Still, that’s a great cause to get behind. I think as gaming becomes more and more prevalent that’ll just naturally happen over time. People who grow up playing games are a lot more inclined to examine them in academia after all.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Silk song looks so good! I hope its next year too, as I’m just way too busy for it aswell 😭

      It’s difficult, but a lot of my tutors are interested. I’m hoping I’ve at least made them aware so in the next few years, gamers can study story crafting and literature through their favourites. It’ll mean better games for everyone in the future! 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Number 4. The horror! Let’s hope it would be Bethesda. The invaders would helplessly glitch around and not work half of the time. We’d stand a fighting chance.

    Liked by 1 person

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