EGX 2019: Tales of Treachery


When a game is simple for people who don’t necessarily game comes along, I tend to gravitate towards it. Ghost Camp is attempting a simple but fun party game that will have you doubting your friend’s words and trying to keep a good poker face to complete your quest. Tales of Treachery, a dark choice-based adventure that you can play on your smartphone. Set to be released sometime next year, the game will surely be played in many living rooms around the world. Combine that with narration by my favourite author Neil Gaiman, then we have an instant classic!

The game works like a simple yes or no game, but instead of answer yes or no, you will be reacting to certain situations presented during the adventure. But whilst the game acts as a cooperative adventure, there is an element of deceit. One player, at random, will be nominated the traitor and will have to attempt to ruin the adventure and kill the party. Working together, or on your own, you must weed out the traitor, or not be discovered.

Character Card

Character cards are the way that the game identifies each player, instead of it being player one or two, you get to choose from a few characters. The interesting thing is that there are no attributes to the characters so that you cannot get an advantage based on which character you pick. Your skills are dependent on your own life skills, the ability to lie and coerce your friends will benefit you throughout your adventure. This makes the game a quick pick up, each adventure is roughly ten minutes long and will be randomly generated. I can seriously see this game being used at parties or during game nights.

It pays to have a good poker face, during my playthrough at EGX I was the traitor and failed. However, I was able to avoid being caught when suspicions were high, I was able to avoid detection by allowing my team members to take charge and back them up. Unfortunately, it took too long for me to gain their trust and I wasn’t able to get them killed.


Choices are made with a voting system, each player gets to vote for what they believe is the right answer. During our game, we had the option of stealing eggs in an Ogre den. Simple, but effective because everyone has their mind on the loot, so as the traitor I had to convince them to steal the eggs. Luckily for me, another player suggested we steal them as Ogres don’t lay eggs, so potentially they won’t be so protective of them. I instantly was able to back the suggestion up with an “If you say so”, putting the choice on that player, the rest soon followed and we were hurt by the Ogre. Each vote counts as a point unless you are the leader for the turn, then your votes count for two.

At the end of each ‘chapter’, you are then tasked with the choice to either vote for the traitor or leaving it for the night, which is where the drama starts. Tales of Treachery does a fantastic job of pitting friends/players against each other, no one wants to admit they are the traitor so you instinctively become untrusting of anyone that accuses anyone. For good reason too, as if the team votes for someone, then they die… but then the question becomes, what if they were innocent?


The final boss was a fun fight too, the game strains your trust throughout the time you play. Then suddenly, each player gets a direction to swipe and must call it to the team, you have no choice but to trust them. If you swipe the wrong way then your team takes damage, So this is the traitors time to shine, which leaves the rest of the players in an awkward situation, do you trust what your team are directing you to do?

Tales of Treachery is a simple game but fun game and that speaks wonders to how accessible it is. The player doesn’t need to know hundreds of button combos or have a deep understanding of the lore, you just need to be able to communicate and have a good or bad poker face.

There’s not a set release date for Tales of Treachery, but Ghost Camp has stated that it will be out in 2020 sometime, so keep an eye out and follow them here;

Thanks for reading!

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