Road to 70K: October Review

Hi everyone!

It’s that time of the month again where I look back and see how I’ve done in regards to my 70,000 Gamerscore goal. Unfortunately, for my gamerscore, it’s been a busy month. With EGX, University and work, gaming has taken a back seat again, I’ve not been able to hit my goal this month.

During October, I reached 1,430 Gamerscore, Still on top of my leaderboard for the month. But as stated it was a slow month, but what have I actually played?

The Outer Worlds

We’ve recently put our review of The Outer Worlds up and like many people we here at UnCapt loved it! Whilst I have problems with the ending and pacing towards the end of the main story, I still thought that this game was absolutely wonderful. The dialogue and characters that populated the vast and corrupt Halcyon Colonies, just brought pure delight to my analytical heart, there was so much love and effort put into the world building.

As far as achievements go, I have roughly half of the gamerscore on offer and I will be doing another playthrough on the harder difficulties to clean up some missing gamerscore. This will be a passive project though, but i’m looking forward to completing all of the companions side quests, as I missed them all on my first playthrough, it’s a shame really.

The Elder Scrolls Oblivion

The main thing I did during my playthrough was beat the arena quests. Which are simple to do and gain you achievements for each level progression. Easy gamerscore, but rooted in a game that I absolutely love, for all its bugs. Especially the duplication bug, in which you could spawn hundreds of the same item to sell for profit, it made me laugh when I figured I could still do it. As a kid, I thought cheating was horrible, but did it in shame and claimed I never duplicated. Its funny because it was the first thing I talked about when I started playing it again.

The good old days, what happened Bethesda? You used to make good games.

Planet of the Eyes

A game played for easy achievements, an adventure puzzle, that had a beautifully crafted world with an enjoyable and relaxing experience. The main story didn’t take too long, roughly two hours. Enjoyable, with easy achievements.

So that was my october, not much to mention but I’ve already taken over October’s Gamerscore this month, so who knows? I might make up for it this month!

How was your october? Hopefully you had a better gaming month than I did!

Thanks for reading,


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