Weekly Round Up

Hi everyone! 

Its been a rather slow week for both of us at UnCapt, with the dreadful assignment period looming over both our heads, it’s a crazy that we’re both still playing games. 

The first bit of news from us is that we finally got a proper logo! No more of that old rubbish logo created on a free site (That Dale still can’t remember the name off). Courtesy of the fantastic Daena Murphy, check her twitter out to see her work!

Secondly, there has been both a little bit of hype and worry over the new Assassins Creed game. Lloyd takes a humble look at the announcement here. We’ve been talking a lot about it. Dale has found it irritating that they’ve announced a gold version of the game, with a season pass, before we’ve seen any gameplay. He’s a little sceptical already. But that’s not to say that we are not excited for it, plus the theme of Vikings is always going to be a strong selling point to us. 

Thirdly, Dale has finally reached his 70k Gamerscore goal. He was getting a little tired of grinding through games solely for gamerscore, and it has now given him a chance to sit back and enjoy some actual games with no end goal. 

So what have the boys been playing? Well, let us check in with Lloyd first and see what he’s been doing:

The Prabbits: Happy Dogfights

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been getting involved with Games Wales. I’ve have had a great time seeing some of the projects and awesome artwork from people within Wales. Makes me proud to be Welsh. I had the pleasure of playing The Prabbits: Happy Dogfights an entertaining couch co-op/competitive game. Currently, in development by Nodragem, Prabbits has a straightforward concept as you and three others lock into an explosive dogfight to see who comes out victorious over several rounds while collecting coins and health to stock up on ammunition. I’ve only had a chance to play with bots at the moment, but I can see the fun when playing with friends and can’t wait to give it a go in the coming days. For me, this would be the perfect addition alongside Mario Kart and Super Smash Bros. to play when your friends come around. I’ll be looking to do a full piece on this game shortly so hold out for that one.

K.K. Slider has arrived

Completing Animal Crossing: New Horizon main story was my achievement for the week. K.K. Slider came to do his concert on Thursday, and I’m relieved that I can take my time building up Kalamazoo. No longer will I be driven mad by the crook, Tom Nook continually asking me to do things and Isabelle telling me I’ve only got a two-star rating. But with May Day festivities lasting till the 7th May, I can’t wait to get my tour around my island after finalising things up for a bit and truly be astonished by my hard work over the past month.

Disco Elysium

I’ve broke! I ended up buying Disco Elysium, I know I’m weak! Haven’t had much time to delve into it and a couple of bugs meaning I can’t save unless I reload a couple of times, which is a bit of a pain. I’ve played about 3 hours this week, and already I love it, the satire and other dialogue are impressive, and the amount of detailing into making your character is well, remarkable to say the least. I don’t want to say too much as there’s around 60 hours worth of content in the game. But it seems so far other than the bug that ZA/UM has done an excellent job creating a great RPG experience. Also, the music is quality in there, as you guessed it’s disco baby.

And last but not least, What’s Dale been playing?

Well after finishing my road to 70k achievements goal, I sat back and started playing through Overwatch again. It’s a competitive game that I don’t take too seriously, and because of that I enjoy it and do better than I would in a game that I do take seriously. The monthly league helps keep my interest, as it enables you to set personal bests. When games typically have a competitive mode, it usually forces me to be super serious about the game. Which is why I enjoy Overwatch, while yes, it is a serious game. I find that I enjoy it a lot more than I would a typical competitive game. I’ve been playing damage because they have enabled role queue, which allows you to perform a specific role and queue for that role. I only play at around a silver level, which in the grand scheme of things is pretty low, but the majority of my friends are in that rank. SO at least we suck together.

The only other game that I’ve been playing is thehunter: Call of the Wild. There’s something about this game at the moment that relaxes me, being out in the wild and tracking things down is so much fun. (In the game of course, not something I would do in real life). They have announced a new level of animal called The great ones, which places itself above the most sought after rank of animal, diamond. That though is for the professional players; I’m still chasing my favourite species and just having fun killing bigger animals. I’m enjoying the fact that the maps are huge also, so I can se tht e time in game to be 5:00 am and just see where the day takes me, it’s quite calming

So that’s it for this week with UnCapt, we hope everyone is staying safe and enjoying themselves as best as they can! What have you been playing? We’d love to hear! 

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