Inside Xbox May Round Up

Yesterday Inside Xbox held a conference in which they showcased gameplay on the next-gen Xbox Series X. Now, there was a little misjudgement on their end with what gameplay was. But we did get some exciting announcements, and the graphics and capabilities of the Xbox series X look outstanding. The ray Tracing stood out to us both, and we fell in love with some of the announcements.

Xbox also talked a lot about their Smart Delivery service, which allows you to upgrade your Xbox One games to Xbox Series X quality. Provided you own the Xbox Series X*

Here are a few of our favourites from the first, of many, showcases during the next few months:

Bright Memory Infinite

Set to release on

One-person studio FYQD may have produced a beautiful masterpiece in Bright Memory Infinite. The trailer managed to show off significant parts of the stunning combat we are going to face in the game mixing first-person shooting, acrobatic swordplay and even a grappling hook, which looks too fun to be true. We’re entirely unfamiliar with the previous title, but the feudal demonic samurais look like they’re going to test our skills. It’s unbelievable this is an indie title with this gorgeous environment and effects. We thought this was a great game to start the announcements off as it shows what we’re in for when we get the next generation.

Lloyd: “There’s not much to say here other than wow and what an opener. They couldn’t have picked a better game to show off what the Series X can do.”

Dale: “Possibly the biggest stand out from this showcase, mainly because its made by ONE PERSON! Also, the gunplay and combat look so fluid. I love fluidity in my games, nothing seemed stunted, but it was only a trailer, so I am reserving my hype a little.”


Scorn is one of the many horrors/thrillers that appeared in this month’s Inside Xbox. With an apparent influence from Scott Ridley’s Alien, it looks like this horror will test your wits as you uncover the secrets of this gruesome looking world. The presentation only showed a cinematic trailer, which provides you with insight into the terrible looking creatures that you will encounter on your visit. It is worth noting that this will be a game released on Gamepass, so it may be worth checking out.

Lloyd: “I’m partial to a couple of horror games, but even this seems like it could be a step too far, it looks horrific. I love the design of the environment. It looks like something from an ancient civilisation, this makes me excited to expereince the story.”

Dale: “Horrors are a big No-No from me. Scorn will have to be a game I experience through Lloyds retelling! But my only take from the game is, can you see any Phallic symbolism within the trailer? I know it’s not just me.”

The Ascent

Set in a Cyberpunk world, The Ascent is a solo and co-op RPG. The controlling corporation, The Ascent Group, has collapsed and the space station has locked down. You have to survive. It is developed and published by Neon Digital and Curve Digital.

Dale: “I’ve come to appreciate Dystopian and Cyberpunk novels recently, and it has translated into videogames. I’m just consuming anything within that genre. Although the gameplay is not something, I typically play. But with the cooperative side of the game, I’d give it a go with friends.”

Lloyd: “I love the concept, we’ve seen so many Cyberpunk and Dystopian worlds where there has been an evil organisation at the top and in control but what happens after? So excited and I’m a huge fan of top-down RPGs as well.”


Bandai Namco addition to next-gen releases is SCARLET NEXUS, where you play as the OST, a group of psychokinetic warrior who are tasked to save the Earth from The Other. A group of parasitic lifeforms that seem to be unable to be killed. Combat within this game looks geat and undoubtibaly the enemies will be interesting. But we can’t get past the fact that the characters look a little out of place.

Lloyd: “I kept thinking this looked phenomenal, unique enemies with a floral parasitic look to them, beautiful artwork and then came along the OST, the group you’ll be playing as and it just felt wrong. It was equivalent to Michael Jordan in Space Jam, I’m just hoping this as a good as Space Jam.”

Dale “Its funny, Lloyd and I rarely agree when it comes to the negatives of a game, but I have to agree with him. The combat does look good, and the enemies are undoubtedly impressive, but the characters feel too out of place for me.”

Second Extinction

Again showing the capabilities of the Series X, Second Extinction takes you to a beautiful unknown world where you face off against the local species. The game is a survival game which reminds us of Left For Dead except for you’re fighting dinosaurs. The player’s job is to stop the Dinosaurs, who are the reason for the second extinction. It seems like the Dinosaurs have used their previous experience with extinction and are looking to capitalise off it, ‘Cleaver Girl’.

Dale: “Dinosaurs! Instant classic. We only got a look at maybe one or two different Dinosaurs within the trailer, so I hope there is going to be a variety. I want to see some herbivores, a Stegosaurus or Iguanadon charging towards you, not only the carnivores were deadly. I’m only hoping that the co-op gameplay is smooth and rewarding; it looks like a great game to play with friends.

Lloyd: “The alien species are like dinosaurs and who doesn’t love dinosaurs, even if you got to blow them into a thousand pieces. This could be a lot of fun and looks great.”

Final Thoughts

Overall, there are some awesome games announced, a full list with links to trailers are below but we were disappointed not to see any actual gameplay from the Series X. We f

Overall, there are some excellent games announced, all other games we missed with links to trailers are below. We did feel cheated by Xbox; there was an over hype for what the Inside Xbox showcase revealed. Throughout the showcase a message at the bottom kept appearing stating that you should stay tuned, Assassins Creed Valhalla Gameplay coming soon. But it wasn’t there was no gameplay, just what we assume to be in-game cinematics. FOr two people who are sceptical about the game already, this was disappointing. But then again, what difference in gameplay could they show? This is Ubisoft and AC; it’s going to be very similar to the last few titles.

It was, however, a high starting point to what we imagine is going to be a heated summer, in terms of Videogame reveals. Summer Game Fest, has taken the place of E3 this year, so we are hoping that the reveals, now spread out through the summer, will be jam-packed.

Other Games in the Showcase:

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