ReCapt Weekly

Hi everyone!

This week has been again a little slow for both of us at UnCapt. Dale has just handed in his dissertation so has taken a short break from doing much. While Lloyd is again driving through the rest of his assignments. We’ve both been playing a lot of Legends of Runeterra and some Overwatch to keep us busy. Dale has been playing more Monster Hunter and Lloyds been diving back into the wonderful world of Oblivion

The content on the site has slowed down, and we are sorry about this. However, it should start to pick up over the next few weeks, so keep your eyes open!

So what have the boys been up to over the past week?


For me, like mentioned its been a little too slow this week. Now that my dissertation is complete, I have so much time to game, but I don’t have the want right now. It’s strange when I don’t have the time; gaming becomes a procrastination tool that I use way too much. But, when I have the time, I’ve just not wanted to play anything.

Alatreon is coming… I need to be ready!

However, I have been playing a lot of Monster Hunter World lately. I’ve been focusing on increasing my mechanical ability and not allowing my gear to carry me through. I’ve been focusing on the clutch claw and the ability to drive monsters into walls continually, which is a mechanic of the game that I was not that comfortable using. I’m also focusing on the long sword while trying to flesh out my bow builds. All-in-all, it’s nice to have time to get ready for Alatreon. The next big monster, a black dragon that has plagued me in older games. The Alatreon fight is, somewhat, a grudge match. I want to be ready, not playing catch up when it is released.

Other than that, I’m waiting on my PC to be delivered. Hopefully, it should be sometime next week. Then who knows, streams and I can focus more on blogging and the site, as my current laptop ha… well come to the end of its days. I’m excited to have a unit that will be able to open word without taking twenty minutes, it’s going to be so much better for me!


It’s been a hectic week for me, two assignment deadline this week and another two next week, it’s hard to find time to breath but I’m nearly there. Despite this I’ve finally completed a game in what feels like six months, VirtuaVerse was the game and I recently did a post. Got to say though it was a really cool game and with some stunning backdrops, Theta Division did a really good job to be fair to them.

Being behind these bars again… what a feeling…

Also, I’ve started replaying Oblivion which has taken me back to being fourteen again, the nostalgia hits hard. This was the first game I’ve ever saw on the Xbox 360 and really the first RPG I ever loved. I would say it shaped me as the person I am today if we’re being really dramatic. Of course the graphics haven’t aged well and it feels like it takes forever to move. If I could insert a rolling eye emoji I would. But it’s been a load of fun replaying it and I’ve got to say the Oblivion Gates may be some of the best dungeons ever made, they’re horrifying and can be quite a challenge. I’m currently debating whether Oblivion is actually better than Skyrim but that just may be the nostalgia talking.

We hope you’re all staying safe! What have you been playing during the lockdown? Lloyds back playing some games from his childhood, have you been revisiting your gaming roots?

Thanks for reading!

The Boys 

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