ReCapt Weekly

Hello everyone! We hope you’ve all been well this week! It’s been scorching in Wales recently, so we’ve both been pretty much hiding besides fans and searching for a breeze!

In terms of publications this week Lloyd has focused on the Steam Game Festival and has picked out two of his favourites. There will be a few more in the coming weeks so keep your eyes pealed:

Dale has also reviewed the Pokemon Sword and Shield DLC which you can find here.

With the surprise exit of Mixer, we’ve decided to move over to Twitch. To be perfectly honest with everyone, we were initially considering the move before this happened, but it just gave us the right moment to move. We’re both going to be focusing on streaming a lot, and we’re trying to grow over on our new channels, so if you’re interested feel free to check us out!


Enough of the editorial stuff though, what have the boys been playing or doing?


It has been a busy week for us, as always. We’ve been focusing on streaming mostly, and I’m enjoying it. However, it is exhausting! In terms of games, its been a varied week!

Firstly, I started playing Sea of Thieves again with Lloyd. We thought it would be a great streaming title and thought nothing of it. But I honestly forgot how beautiful the game is. It has the best looking water in any game I’ve ever played! It looks like they’ve added a lot of new content to the game also, so we were a little confused at some of the new stuff. But that’s not the games fault that is more our fault for not paying attention.

Secondly, I started to play West of Dead as it has been released to Gamepass. I’ve been enjoying it, and there are some similarities in mechanics to DeadCells, which I can appreciate. I’ve not played enough to give a proper critique yet, but the music and the art style are both fantastic. Plus Ron Pearlman voice acting? Instant 10/10 for me!

Thirdly, I played through the Bright Memory: Infinite prologue, or chapter one? I’m not quite sure. It is not very clear as to what you are playing, from what I can tell the game looks to have been showcasing a chapter one or prologue. Regardless, the game is stunning! It’s a souls-like FPS, a weird combination but there was a moment where you had to light a bonfire which gave it away. The game for me suffers from lack of direction; however, there are some great ideas. For example, the gunplay and movement work well together, but the puzzle system needs refining. It seems to suffer from not knowing what it wants to be, which is not a bad thing because that’s how games break from genre tropes, but it doesn’t appear to work here. It just becomes confusing. I am excited to play the full game; it is fun, and the combat is satisfying. The game is still in development, and with a one-person development team, I am interested to see where it heads!


Of course, we’ve seen the move from Mixer to Twitch, which has been at the forefront at the moment. I’m not sure how I feel about Mixer shutting up shop and moving in with Facebook gaming, especially with things going at the moment. In terms of Twitch offers their users though, it unbelievable what we’ve been missing out with all due respect to Microsoft. As easy Mixer was to use, Twitch is by far the superior platform.

Other than that, I’m still playing some demos that are leftover from the Steam Game Festival. Oirbo is my game of the moment, and developers Imagination Overflow has done a good of creating excellent levels and some fantastic and unique AIs, so one hundred per cent looking forward to the full release in the future. I’ll also be doing a full preview for that, so keep your eyes open for that.

I also purchased the two Portal games on Steam today for a fiver, so going to have a massive nostalgia trip with those two and may even get in a scrap or two with Dale.

Thats been it for us this week! We hope you’re all well and keeping safe! What have you been playing? And has the steam sale emptied your wallet yet?

Thanks for reading!

The boys!

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