Carrion review

Carrion is a reverse horror game, yes you read that correctly, a reverse horror game. You are not the hunted you are the hunter within this game. As an amorphous creature, you must wreak havoc on the people that have kept and experimented on you. Establish a foothold in the facility, spread your biomass as far as you can and kill anyone in your way. Waking within a testing container, you struggle to keep your rage as you see your captors all around you. You are smashing against the glass designed to hold you back, and over time you gain the strength to break free. Screams follow the smashing of glass as you realise the chain of power is in your favour. You use your body to form tentacles and start destroying and consuming everything around you; this facility will be yours.

Developer: Phobia Game Studio
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Platforms: Windows, Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 23 July 2020

The enemies are typical, nothing out of the ordinary but that is okay, they are what you would expect to be within the facility. The humans will hear you if you are too loud and either investigate or run. You can use this to your advantage in many situations. Time and time again there would be what I would call “movie scene moments” as individual approaches a drainage pipe where you are lurking only to be torn apart in front of their colleges who either run or help. There is a sense of power that the game gives you, and it is a fun experience being the hunter rather than the hunted. What I found interesting with the humans within the game was the subversion of hope in the last stand. Typically, a human who is about to die and has taken it upon themselves to take the attacker down with them signifies a sense of hope. But being the attacker in this situation the game subverts that hope, it instead becomes futile as you continue your rampage through the facility. The game caters to your predator instincts, and there are frequently many ways that you can approach situations. Allowing you to stalk the humans as they stand there trying to find you, you can play to the horror aspect of the game.

The OST highlights this horror aspect well. With classic horror tropes of unsettling music and noises that accompany your rampage. Naturally, the sounds would make you feel scared, but as you are the monster, they make you feel that much creepier. You start to think more about how you are playing the game. It is a weird thought; Horror sounds make you more focused on being a monster.

However, enemies do get better. They start using machine guns and shields that make you think about how you’re going to approach a situation. In the beginning, you can launch into any room take a few pistol shots and destroy everyone in sight. Once they start brandishing shields that have electricity on them, you must consider how to use the space around you seriously. After all, you are an amorphous blob so you can fit anywhere. The change in difficulty is a jarring experience for the player. It makes you realise that you are not invisible, you learn that you are not as strong as you appear. I enjoyed this little aspect; it both serves to add difficulty to the game and applies a learning experience for both the player and the monster you are controlling. The monster is learning the rules of the world, just like the player. I thought that it worked quite well within the context of the game, I kept coming back to movies with monsters like this, and there is always a learning experience for them.

Trying to figure out how to approach the situation is quite fun.

The learning experience does not stop there. The monster/player also learns that as an amorphous monster that can gain more and more size, there is limitless potential. With three different sizes that affect how you play the game; the first being the smallest, which is the sneakiest, allowing you to be invisible and use a web to hit leavers form a distance. The second is the most useful, in my opinion, allowing you to break through barriers to get into new areas and still be a little sneaky if needed. The third is the overpowered broken destroy everything mode, allowing you to take a lot of damage, protect your body with a shield and shoot spikey tentacles all over the room devastating anything in their paths. The forms provide an exciting way to build puzzles within the game, with the ability to switch between them by either dropping off mass or picking mass up at specific areas. It is exciting and allows you to approach the game how you want. Do you want to be invisible and strike enemies from the shadows? Or do you want to be able just to burst into a room-filling it with your amorphous blob-like body and leave the enemies struggling to find room to fight you?

There is an attempt at a story with some flashback scenes that, unfortunately, takes you away from what makes the game enjoyable. In the flashback scenes you must take control of a human wandering through the same facility you are haunting. At the same time, I do appreciate the attempt to add a little story to the game. But I believe the game itself provides enough enjoyment that you do not particularly need it. 

That is the main struggle with Carrion. There is a lot of pacing problems that I faced; for example, areas do not repopulate over time. Usually, this would not be an issue, but there is a lot of backtracking within the game. Rooms feel empty and make an already dull task that much more boring. The negative to the map is that there is no real direction; you feel like you are just exploring and hoping that you find the next area. At the same time, this can be an advantage in this style of games, unfortunately with Carrion if you combine that with the lack of repopulation. You end up just searching through the map regularly to desperately to get back to what the game does best and leads to weird pacing issues within the game. You have a bloody and fearsome fight to the death. Then you are left to travel through empty rooms where the game is reliant on just its movement being fun, which it is! But his is not enough to fill those slow moments in. The fun becomes few and far between towards the middle/end of the game, and it slows it down to a point where playing can become a chore. 

Overall, the gameplay is enjoyable and allows you to be a little creative with how you tackle situations. But the lack of repopulation and direction within the map itself leads to moments where you are just searching for the action. The game is an enjoyable play, but I would love to see some more enemies while you are roaming areas you have cleared. I understand that technically you have killed everyone, but maybe they could put SWAT-like teams who search the map for you. Or have them attack some of the nests you have made, forcing you to other areas of the map to defend yourself. There is a lot of good here, but also a lot to be desired. It is a fun game that works with its premise very well, and you will get enough out of it! It is currently on Gamepass, so if you have a moment, I recommend trying it!

Xbox Showcase Review

The Xbox showcase was yesterday and boy was it a good’un! Microsoft was in dire need of a good event following Sony’s PS5 reveal event, and Microsoft did what they needed too! 

There were some great games announced and a “Surprise” at the end, so let’s get into it!

What were my favourites from the showcase?

Halo Infinite

The main game they were peddling was Halo Infinite the next in the Halo series which will be one of the leading games to push the Xbox one Series X. THE MUSIC! Halo has always been able to amplify wonderful cinematic moments with beautiful music, and there is more of that here.

The pilot interests me; he looks to serve as potentially Chief’s new partner and I love the look of that. He gets angry with Chief and disagrees with him showing that there is a new opportunity to explore a new dynamic relationship for Chief. He has his own goals and motivations, and the two are working together to get home. 

The hud and the hit markers both look smooth, and together with the movement, it looks fluid. The grappling hook seems to be a fun addition to Chief’s arsenal, and I can see this being an incredibly useful tool in multiplayer.

The world looks more open within Infinite, and I like this. It may allow us to explore the map at our own pace, looking for lore dumps and easter eggs throughout the new Halo ring. Atriox is back, and that terrifies me. He calls Chief out for a final battle, and his speech only got me determined to finish the fight. 

State of Decay 3

State of Decay 2 held so much potential. It was a decent zombie survival game that focused on maintaining a group of survivors. I felt on my first playthrough that the game was exciting but felt like it lacked something. The mechanics were extremely repetitive, and it, unfortunately, did not live up to the expectations. I cannot comment on the state of the game as it is now, but State of Decay 3 has me interested in playing through the 2nd installation before this comes out. 

At one point in time, it seemed like every other game was a zombie game. As today the popular game mode is Battle Royals, a few years ago it was Zombie games. So a return to these is fun, nostalgic and always reminds me of some great games I played when I was a little younger. 

I have reserved hopes for State of Decay 3, but it is nice to see that they are having another shot at a franchise that interests me.


Obsidian look to be on a roll at the moment revealing a short trailer for their upcoming game ‘Avowed’. The trailer did not show much only emphasising that the game will take place in a fantasy world full of magic. The only clue we have to gameplay is that it will be first-person and the player can dual wield magic and swords.  

One thing that piqued my interest was the way the magic looked, it reminded me of The Witcher  with the symbols and then when the spell forms over the characters hands, it had a Doctor Strange vibe to it. I can get behind that. I hope there is an interesting magic system or at least an aesthetically/mechanically pleasing one. 

Plus, it is Obsidian. The Outer Worlds was incredible, and I’m sure they can pull this off! 

The Outer Worlds: Peril on Gorgon.

Talking of The Outer Worlds, we have a DLC announcement! A narrative expansion to the corrupt capitalistic world that looks to add a new world and a load of new weapons! We do see a new crew member for the ship, but we do not get any real information. The trailer is the type of goodness you expect from Obsidian. Over the top narration and emphasis on the absurd, I love it! It will be available on the 9th of September! 


One thing that Rare proved with Sea Of Thieves is that they can provide us with breathtaking environments. While the release of Sea Of Thieves was quite shallow, the game as it is now is full of content.We do not get much information about Everwild, but I am interested to see what Rare will do next.

The game looks to focus on the connection between human and nature, bringing forth the more magical aspects of nature and co-inhabitancy. Rare can build beautiful worlds I just hope this game will be full from release. Games as a service work, but they lose a lot of momentum if the base game is lacking, let’s hope Rare does this beautiful looking world some justice!

Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

I’m personally not a huge 40k fan, not through disliking the franchise but rather unfamiliarity. I know that it is home to some awesome looking characters and this game is going to be a 4-person co-op horde fighting game. I am interested in taking a stab into the 40k world with some friends gunning down what looks to be zombies of some sort? 4-player co-op zombie games always get me excited as I’m overly fond of the Left4Dead games, so I am ever hoping to get a new entry into that style of game. 


Just Fable. I don’t need to say much more. 

I know the rumours were everywhere, and people were sure it was all but confirmed, it is still nice to get a confirmation. I LOVED the fable games (Even 3). Honestly, I can’t wait. There was not a ‘4’ in the trailer, so from what I can tell this looks to be a reboot?

No gameplay for this, so we do not know where in the production of the game Playground are, but it is just lovely to hear that the franchise is not over.  

All-in-all it was a great showcase! What was your favourites from the reveals? I know it’s Fable… let’s admit it!

Thank you for reading!


The Isle of Armor Review (Pokemon Sword)

After becoming the champion of Galar what is left to do? Why not take a (Short) trip to the beautiful Isle of Armor? Where you can meet a new partner, catch some new (Returning) Pokémon and take in the sights!

Without holding anything back, the wild zone that they have implemented within the Isle of Amor is excellent! It stretches the whole map and is full of caves, forests and islands in the sea. This new wild zone truly makes you want to explore, there is so much to see out there, and this is the most substantial part of the DLC.

The Story

The Isle of Armor story kicks off right as you leave the train station. A man who is looking to join the Dojo on the Island will tell you that he is afraid to go outside because a menacing person is waiting outside. The game wastes no time in introducing your rival for The Isle of Armor, Klara (Sword) Or Avery (Shield), a star student at the Dojo. The rivalry is set in place when you beat her, and she realises that you could outshine her at the Dojo, she then tries to stop you from coming to protect her own identity. Defying her misdirection, you are welcomed into the Dojo with open arms and your adventure begins.

There is an interesting dynamic between you and Klara (Or Avery if you play Shield), which I genuinely liked. Klara realises that you are stronger and will do everything within her power to stop you, even if that means cheating! You are set three challenges to complete, in which your rival is directly behind you at all stages.

After completion, you are introduced to the new Legendary Pokémon Kubfu. After meeting Kubfu, Master Mustard sets you the goal of becoming the best of friends. Using the in-game heart system, we must get our Kubfu to 5 hearts so that we can progress. Usually getting a Pokémon’s happiness up can be quite a tedious task, but the DLC offers you the option to go visit scenic areas within the game to boost your friendship. Thankfully, you only have to visit two or three areas to do this, but it gives you another reason to explore the Isle.

I won’t carry on about the story too much just in case people would still like to play it, so avoiding any spoilers, I will conclude here. The story is shamefully short… what took me around 2-3 hours, only because I was catching new Pokémon, looking to build a new team for the challenges ahead. The game, if you play the story solely must be around an hour… maybe an hour and a half’s worth of gameplay… That is not great at all. Once I had finished it, I wandered around for a while to figure out who I had to talk with to continue the story. Looking at my quest bar, I was disappointed, it read “Adventure to your heart’s content!”… it was over. It honestly took me longer to build a team that I did not need than complete the story.

The Isle of Armor

While I think the story, itself is not worth purchasing the DLC for, the map itself is pretty good. It is full of life, and one thing that I absolutely love is the sea. There are islands scattered around the main Island, and they are full of their own mysteries. It was more an “Oh, I wonder if anything cool spawns on that Island over there” and you would have to go check it out! But one thing that I did not expect was the Sharpedo in the water. When riding around in the water you will see an object jetting its way towards you. At first, I was interested so let it initiate the fight. After catching my first one, I avoided them… but that does not mean they don’t try to get to you and wow they are fast! Another surprise was seeing a Wailord… just out and about… casually living its life! I knew it was big, but damn, it puts the size of these creatures into perspective. I loved this moment, combined with the Sharpedo we see how the world is formed and it was awesome to see. There is just not enough of it.

The world is scattered with Dens for Max raids… and I mean scattered with them! They are a little ugly and jarring when looking at the beautiful scenery they have created.

Oh, and Master Mustard grants you the authority to have your Pokémon follow you outside of their ball. Which leads me to many questions: is he the leading authority on Pokémon and ball rules? What are the Criteria to allow a Pokémon to follow you? Does Ash have permission from him? If not, is he breaking any laws? Did we have permission from him in older games? I do not want to be on the wrong side of Master Mustard, so I need to know!

The New (Returning) Pokémon

Pokémon Isle of Armor brings a plethora of new Pokémon… well Old Pokémon… but new to Sword and Shield. I did not realise how many Gen one Pokémon was cut from the base game… well… I know now because it seems that the Island is full one Gen one Pokémon. Or maybe that is just me noticing them more than the others? I do not know. The returning Pokémon is nice. I suppose, but it makes me wonder how many people will just buy the DLC for the returning Pokémon? You can get them without the DLC, but you must have them traded to you… and not too many people will have friends who can give them the entire Isle of Armor Dex.

We are introduced to a trainer that has caught 150 Alolan Diglett, and I do not blame him, they are adorable. Unfortunately, they have decided to explore the Island without him and are now missing. He asks us to find all 150 for him, which sounds like a daunting task, but from casual play, I have discovered over half, so it does not seem to be too much of a chore. It is quite fun and gives you another reason to explore. 

What I enjoyed, however, was this is how we get our hands on the Alolan versions of Pokémon. Once I found this out and figured that Alolan Vulpix would be in there, I went straight out and found as many as I could! Alolan Vulpix is better than normal Vulpix… and the majority of Pokémon… Do not argue with me… it is adorable. 

Fundamentals that are still broken

What really irked me, however, is how bad the online system for raid battles still is. During the Pokémon Showcase, they announced a Zeraora event in which if one million were defeated, every player would receive a shiny Zeraora. I loved this, it gives old players a reason to return… but when you are faced with the constant messages that state a raid is closed or full when they are showing you give up quickly. It seems, for me personally, that I struggle to get more than one other person in my raids, but everyone I try to join is continuously full.

This is one area of the game that is seriously just flawed. It is counterproductive. I enjoy raid battles and want to be in as many as possible. It is just a nightmare to join anyone who is asking for help! This needs to be addressed, but I doubt it will.

Pokémon Sword and Shield’s first DLC is a weak entry. Unfortunately, the story holds little substance, but its countered by a fascinating map. We can only hope that the next installation will have a better storyline and keep the strengths from the Ilse of Armor. I mean, it is not like any of us have a choice, most of us had to purchase both DLC together, so we have to play it!

Those are my thoughts on the Isle of Armor. HOw was your trip to the Isle? Did you enjoy it? Who is your new instant addition to your team? Is it the new legendary or a returning face?

EA Play Live June 2020 Reaction

It surely is the announcement period! EA is continuing the big announcements with Skate 4! Also, we got a look at the Starwars: Squadrons gameplay and it looks like it will undoubtedly live up to the hype! EA also sprinkled some smaller surprises within their presentation, such as It takes two and Lost in Random. Overall it was a great showcase with some games we are excited to play!

However, there was not that much within it. There were only a few games announced with fewer being released any time soon! While, I think the content was great, specifically with the smaller games published, it feels like it was half of a presentation… But then again, if we forget this would be E3 timing, short presentations like this throughout the year would be great!

There was a focus on Crossplay which is a good step in the right direction. Crossplay, for me, is essential. With my friends spread amongst all platforms, it is tiring keeping a mental note of who plays on what. Crossplay breaks down the barriers and allows everyone to just enjoy games together, I love it! Along with some HUGE announcements and some gameplay for Star Wars: Squadrons, it was a great showcase!

Apex Legends

Respawn announced some changes and gave a look at a new character within the Apex legends world. The new season 5 had been previously announced, but within the trailer that we saw they gave a closer look as to this seasons theme ‘ Lost Treasures’. Honestly, it has been some time since I’ve played Apex, but with crossplay confirmed I will definitely be checking it out again! There was also an announcement that the game will be releasing on Switch, which is excellent for Switch owners.

The main thing to take form this is crossplay, it is becoming more critical as time goes on and I am happy about that. As stated in the introduction, it is about breaking barriers down, allowing people to just game with their friends regardless of their platform, and I love that.

Personally, I have some significant Joy-con drift, so playing an FPS on my Switch is not going to happen any time soon.

It takes two

It takes two looks to be a narrative-driven platformer game in which we follow two dolls that represent parents who are going to split. Rose, the daughter of this family, creates these dolls who come alive. The game is going to deal with the confusion and the emotions that Rose is going through.

It is interesting how they are portraying the situation through the dolls, and I am interested in playing through it. Though, the director Josef Fares, states that “You are almost playing their emotion. There are even levels where we are making mechanics for their emotions”. I am incredibly interested in how they do this, and I hope that it is as great as he is selling it within the trailer.

I also have to comment on Fares, his excitement and confidence in the game are lovely to see! It is intoxicating, I’m excited I’ll definitely be trying this when it releases.

Lost in Random

We got a little look into a new title called ‘Lost in Random’ which is a narrative-driven game set in the world of Random. The main character is called even, and there is a significant emphasis on randomness and chance.

It appears to be an action-adventure game, and we only got a short look at gameplay, but as we are told, they are a long ways from launch. They have stated it will be sometime next year. While set in a gothic world, that is ruled by an evil dice? The game does have a charm that has me so excited to play and explore this world.

One of the developers stated: “I think we can all relate to the desire to try and control the chaos around us. With Dicey’s help though, Even learns the power of doing just the opposite Embrace Randomness and accept uncertainties in life and you will be surprised just how far it takes you”. Which really got me interested in the game, besides the setting that is! Games often allow us to control the world or at least what we do within the world, I’m 100% interested in how they handle this “randomness/acceptance” of uncertainty. I hope that it is more impactful on the game rather than just an implied theme.

As a huge Neil Gaiman fan, this is 100% down my alley and I can not wait to play it!

Star Wars: Squadrons

So we finally got some gameplay, I was not made excited by the cinematic trailer because well… we got nothing from it! Okay, so, after the gameplay we saw… I’m sold. It looks beautiful and fun to play! The 5v5 gameplay provides an excellent format for more competitive play, there are many different types of ships that specialise in different areas, so it will be interesting to see how the Meta forms around that.

The story mode interests me, the fact that we are going to be playing as two pilots who are on opposite sides of the war interests me. I would love to see some more in-depth characterisation of the Empire pilot, as in the movies they are always just a faceless enemy with no personality of their own. It will be interesting to see how they manage the difference in the motives behind the fights. We know that the Rebels mostly fight out of desperation, I mean they’re never really on the front foot are they? I’m excited to see the characterisations, it’s something that I think was managed well in  Starwars Jedi: Fallen Order and I hope they continue that here.

There is a lot of opportunities they have shown for customisation within the game too. In the trailer, we see examples like a bobblehead in the cockpit and things of that nature. Which, does worry me about “Suprise Mechanics”, but I really don’t think Ea will pull another Battlefront 2 any time soon, well… not as egregious as that attempt anyways.

The game will support Vr throughout the entire experience, which I can imagine will be incredible! We also got a release date! Get ready to take the fight to space on the 2nd October 2020.

Skate 4

This is where I admit it, damn it. I wasn’t a huge fan of skate 3… not that I didn’t like it, I just didn’t play it too much. But I am super happy for the people who are passionate about its return. It’s nice to see a game get produced because the fans are screaming for it, it means that it will be made for the passion and I’m really hoping they deliver for the ones that are so excited for it!

We never got any information about the game. However, it was more of an announcement that it is going to be made.

That was our picks from the EA showcase, what are you most excited about? Personally, I can’t wait for Lost in Random!

Pokemon Presents – 17.06.2020

Pokémon had a massive surprise for us with this presentation. One of those surprises is very close to my heart and the hearts of many people within the community! The presentation itself was only around ten minutes, and I have to say I am loving this ‘direct’ style of revealing things that Nintendo (And now the world) are doing. It’s convenient and feels a little more personal, developers get to talk to us, and there is a natural flow of information. While E3 not going ahead this year was disappointing but necessary, the recent online activity from publishers only points to better and more convenient reveals.

With the new Pokémon Sword & Shield DLC landing this week I never thought they would announce much, but oh… they did, well… one significant announcement, but more on that later!

Pokémon Smile

Following the strange Pokémon Sleep announcement, it seems that Pokémon wants to be part of every aspect of our lives. Firstly, before I start to joke about how I think they are just trying to turn every activity into a Pokémon activity… I want to mention that I suppose I see the benefits of this, I do not have kids, but I can see kids enjoying this. I may even give it a go myself. It is a nice incentive to do a tedious task for children, and I understand the rationale behind it. Also, it was released directly after the showcase, so unlike Pokémon Sleep, it can be used straight away.

Now, the thing that gets me is that where does this end? Pokémon first released Pokémon Go, which was incredible but still that… if you want to keep it to their new naming system is much like a ‘Pokémon Walk’. Aimed at keeping people fit and it was a huge success, I saw so many people out and about enjoying the game. I imagine people were feeling all the better for doing so! Also, there was a (mostly) positive effects on the community, people were happy and talking! It was weird, going out in public was just a headphone in and forget the rest of the people. But with the release of Go, I was talking to strangers, and it was fun. Areas that I forgot about, or rarely visited in my home city, were now full of people like me, it was beautiful!

Interestingly, Pokémon are looking at ways to introduce gaming, or I suppose the Pokémon brand, into many different aspects of our lives. Weird, with some potential for some sinister motives… Isn’t this how many robot take over and dystopian movies start? Companies just become intertwined with every aspect of our lives then *Boom* robot take over… but with Pokémon? Ah… could be worse, I suppose.

Pokémon Cafe Mix

You know, there is not much to talk about here. Just looks like another ‘Mobile game’ that will try to use the Pokémon brand to get some microtransaction sales, I suppose. There are even one of those energy meter things that are bound to be tied to in-game-purchases. It’s a cafe-builder-puzzle-game? The main gameplay is going to revolve around the puzzles with the new goal of building up your cafe. Although the designs are adorable. A bit of a nothing announcement in my opinion.

New Pokémon Snap

I mean, this is what everyone is talking about. Pokémon Snap was such a simple premise, ride around on a predetermined track while taking photos of Pokémon. It is not a genius idea, but the game was incredible. What I loved as a kid playing Pokémon Snap was finding all the secrets within the game. The ability to throw food or knock Pokémon into areas and have them evolve or attract different Pokémon was such a joy as a kid! I loved the little secrets and things that you had to work for within the game, I suppose they were Easter-eggs. Plus, the final mission which tasked you with capturing a picture of mew will always stand out to me. Possibly one of my favourite Videogame levels of all time.

I have always simply wanted a remaster; I never considered the possibility of a new game. What is exciting is the plethora of new Pokémon that the game has added since the first snap. Twenty years! That is the first time a game has made me feel old.

The new legendries and mythical just get me so excited, I just hope they keep that original mystery surrounding the secrets and make them something we have to work for! This announcement was such a shock, I’m not ashamed to say that I was bouncing around my living room once I saw the camera interface, my wife can testify for this. Initially, I thought it would be a new gen 4 remaster. But this, for me at least, is so much better!

Pokémon Go News

Pokémon talked about how they have made the game easier to play at home during the lockdown. I’m hoping they actually keep this, as I imagine that the fact people can play at home is beneficial to many people.

Mega-Evolutions are going to be added, which is excellent for the competitive scene that may exist. I know that they have added a competitive list and the addition of these new evolutions are sure to shake that meta up! I will undoubtedly be joining back to check it out, I love some of the Mega-Evolutions. 

Pokémon Sword and Shield

With the DLC release this week they have shown what they are doing to support the new influx of players. They will be adding the mythical Pokémon Zeroara to max raid battles with a unique goal. If one million players defeat Zeroara by the 28th, then every player within the game will be gifted a Shiny Zeroara. To me, this is an incredible way to keep people engaged. Community challenges are an excellent way to get people playing and grinding, add some mythical and shiny Pokémon to that, and it is even better!

That is, it for this announcement. However, there is another event on the 25th of June. I will be covering that, but I am interested, do you think they will announce a Gen 4 remake? I personally think it is about time, but I also believe they may reveal a new version of the ‘Let’s go’ games. My only concern about that is how they do it? Since they have the Eevee and Pikachu versions, will they choose new mascots, or continue with the original mascots? Who knows?

Full Presentation

PC Gaming Show

The PC Gaming Show was a treat this weekend, showing off some beautiful games that we cannot wait to get our hands on! We got a sneak peek at some rather exciting indie games that we have never seen before. It was an excellent showcase that showed off the unique, weird and colourful games that the indie world is bringing to us. We also got to see some gameplay footage from the mysterious Godfall and a closer look at the fantastic looking rhythm FPS Game Metalhellsinger. Overall, the PC Gaming Show delivered some unique titles that are sure to make my wishlist!

Here are my picks from the show, in no particular order:


Potion brewing has never looked so fun! Playing as the main character Sylvia, along with Owl, you must craft potions that you can sell in your store. I love games in which you run a shop, especially games in which you have to work on your product to get the best for your customers.

However, where Potionomics grabbed me was the card system in which you can use to help Sylvia make sales. As far as I can tell, this is unique. The use of cards to help Sylvia stop for a moment to calm down or to ask her to press the sale is fantastic! The game also boasts with a bright and colourful aesthetic, a world that is full of exciting characters.

Plus the name is just great. Potionomics is just fun to say.

Among Trees

When talking about Among Trees, it’s hard not to mention the word calm and peaceful. Survival games have a base layer of dread and worry about them that, well, keeps you in survival mode. Removing that, Among Trees looks to be a stress-free survival game. Now that’s just from the aesthetics alone, but from the way that you build and decorate your house, the game looks satisfying.

We do see that rather beautiful looking bear wander past in the trailer, so there is a layer of danger… I mean this is a survival game after all. We can’t just be happy in the woods, can we?

I’m not huge on survival games, but this looks too calming and beautiful to pass down. It has entered early access over on the Epic Store, so if this is your thing you can check it out there!


One announcement that got me happy was the Ooblets early access trailer! I mean, what the hell is going on here? There’s a fish with legs, breaking mugs? In all seriousness I have had Ooblets on my radar for some time, it just looks like so much fun!

What draws me in so much about Ooblets is the… without being mean… strange looking creatures that are also stupidly adorable. The fact that your farming and they appear to be helping seems fantastic! I’m excited to play the early access, which seems to be coming this summer on the Epic Games Store and Xbox One. I’ll 100% be checking this one out.

In Sound Mind

A horror game, well… looks like one I’ll make Lloyd play and watch from behind the safety of a pillow. I usually would allow horror games to pass me by with no consideration because I know I won’t play them. But, I have been becoming interested in the narrative and storytelling capabilities of them. Specifically from a psychoanalytical point of view and if we can believe the game will be subverting expectations… I may have to give this a little look.

There is a demo available on steam, so I would check it out if you get a chance… and if you do… fancy telling me if it is too scary? Thanks in advance.

Evil Genius 2: World Domination

I have never played the original, and I am regretting that I’ve never heard of Evil Genius! We need more games in which you play the villain. Specifically games like this! What I love about the trailer is that it shows of the character within the game. They use the Over-the-top villains and their super lairs that let’s face it, are unpractical and bring it all to life! Combine that with the ability to select your iconic henchmen to personalise your evil persona, count me in!

Plus, let’s be fair, if you are going to be an Evil genius, you are going to take world dominion with an extremely unrealistic plot… I love it, it’s completely crazy, and I can’t wait to take over the world!


The PC Gaming Show provided us with the first gameplay trailer for Godfall and wow. This game firstly looks beautiful and mysterious, boasting some awesome looking armour, weapons and landscapes. The armour, called Valour plates have what they called unique personalities. Which, going out on a huge limb here, is going to be abilities, passive stats and such.

Combat does look fun, and with the different weapons and abilities the armour gives you, there seems to be a variety in the way you can play. They did mention that there will be a focus on player skill too. Meaning that they will want the player to gain a wide variety of skills in different play styles, it will be interesting to see how this works.

What confuses me is that they are claiming this will be a Looter-shooter… without the shooting. So a hack-and-slash-looter… bit of a mouthful! Although I’m interested, I do like a bit of hack and slash!

The Forgotten City

What started as an incredible mod for Skyrim.which if you’ve visited the mod page on Skyrim, you will 100% have seen this in the top mods.

I have not played it, but I am well aware of how well received it was. The setting and the mystery have me interested, and I wonder how much it can separate itself from the mod and become its own game. A game is created from a mod is not a new situation; it is not specific to the industry. Fanfiction can grow into standalone novels. Creativity has to be inspired, and there are no rules to where it is born. It will be interesting to see how this does when separated from Skyrim

Metal Hellsinger


This game looks incredible! A first-person rhythm shooter sounds like an ambitious combination, but with the gameplay, they show it looks flawless. I never thought my years of training in Guitar Hero would play off in a shooter, but I am more than excited to give this a go. The metal and hell landscapes work so well, and the music looks to amplify what seems to be an insane experience.

The game doesn’t look to punish you too much if you are off beat. More that it rewards you for being on time with what looks like damage multipliers. The world also looks… well… like the cover of any metal album! I love it!

Red Sails

Red sails is exciting as it combines the dangers of the sea with the dangers of the desert. The comparisons between the sea and the desert is not a new thing. Often used in metaphor, but Red sails looks to convert the metaphor into reality.

What attracted me more to this was the use of the stars to guide you, like you would see sailors do. The game is a narrative adventure game in which you rescue people who are stranded in the ocean, the trailer shows, what we can assume to be the bad guys of the game, leaving people in the middle fo the desert to die. There are ruins and bones of ancient civilisation and monster that add to the mystery of the world. We can assume the can will be telling a tale of an ecocritical nature. The idea of surviving in this world is daunting and dehydrating!

The Last Campfire

Last but not least for me on the list is The Last Campfire. I mean, come on, look at the trailer. The game is atmospherically beautiful, and the metaphorical meaning behind the game is also breathtaking.
The Last Campfire will be one of those games that I think will stay with so many people. There is so much charm and meaning to unpack within the trailers alone that I Hope we will be talking about this game for years to come.

I have that much faith in this game… I don’t know why, but I can see this being a huge hit!

And that’s it for me here, there were a lot of announcements during the stream so I’ll place all the link to PC Gamer’s full list below! What was your favourite from the showcase? Mine is a mixture between The Last Campfire and Potionomics, I’m so excited to play them!

Full list of games reveled here: