Round Ups

ReCapt Weekly

Hello everyone! We hope you’ve all been well this week! It’s been scorching in Wales recently, so we’ve both been pretty much hiding besides fans and searching for a breeze! In terms of publications this week Lloyd has focused on the Steam Game Festival and has picked out two of his favourites. There will be … Continue reading “ReCapt Weekly”

ReCapt Weekly

Hi everyone!  Its been a strange week. Both of us have returned to work, and it has been a weird experience. Dale has finally got himself a PC, so he is now spending every last penny he has on games. Lloyd has been running through his backlog and avoiding university work, procrastinating as usual! Everything … Continue reading “ReCapt Weekly”

ReCapt Weekly

Hi everyone! This week has been again a little slow for both of us at UnCapt. Dale has just handed in his dissertation so has taken a short break from doing much. While Lloyd is again driving through the rest of his assignments. We’ve both been playing a lot of Legends of Runeterra and some … Continue reading “ReCapt Weekly”

Weekly Round-up

Hello everyone! We hope you’re staying safe, well and using your time to destroy your backlog. We wish we could say we are, but, we’ve started playing Overwatch again… so… our backlog stays the same. Lloyd has returned to the game fresh, and we’ve both been grinding to get him to level 25, so he … Continue reading “Weekly Round-up”

Weekly Round Up

Hi everyone!  Its been a rather slow week for both of us at UnCapt, with the dreadful assignment period looming over both our heads, it’s a crazy that we’re both still playing games.  The first bit of news from us is that we finally got a proper logo! No more of that old rubbish logo … Continue reading “Weekly Round Up”