About us


Hey, I’m Lloyd

I’ve been a huge fan of video games since I was crawling probably. Started off playing Pokemon out in the street with my friends doing all those sweet trades and battles with the old trusted cable link, now I’m off traversing virtual worlds and getting frustrated at the most simple of platformers.

I studied business and music in university, so gaming was an escape to get away from all that other stuff and I even managed to sneak it into my dissertation. Not to say, I was never any good at games, so, when I do a review, expect it to be completed on the easiest difficulty possible.


Hello, I’m Dale or Squigz

I am an English and Creative writing student looking to improve my writing skills and creative process. I thought a blog may be a good place to keep me writing constantly and giving me the opportunity to rant about whatever it is that’s on my mind. Writing is a passion of mine and I enjoy creating stories, I prefer writing in an absurd and perhaps silly style as it allows me to write without any barriers.

Whilst my blog posts may be about my creative work, I will also be focusing on video games. Feels weird to write, but I am a gamer (Behold!) whilst brought up mainly on consoles, I know I can feel the ‘Console Peasant’ comments coming, I developed an interest in the storytelling power that video games possess. I love the storytelling capabilities of video games, I mean where else can you get that level of immersion? Whilst I love books, movies and television, nothing can replace being part of a story and saving the world through a characters shoes.

That is why I love writing, It’s like playing a videogame except you have full control over every aspect of the story.

Anyway, enough about me. Welcome to the blog! Hope you enjoy the random rambles that I will be having.