My Friend Pedro Review

Fancy taking a trip back to year 9 prowling through the internet for them online shoot ’em ups, My Friend Pedro is your game.

My Friend Pedro is a shoot ’em up which combines parkour, shooting and… some groovy tunes? DeadToast Entertainment’s game will give you sense that you’ve plugged in your earbuds and you’re on your way. Imagine Baby Driver or Guardian’s of the Galaxy’s Peter Quill in a platformer.

Developer: DeadToast Entertainment
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Platforms: Steam,, Nintendo Switch
Release Date: 20 June 2019

You wake up from a coma in a mobster’s basement and are quickly interrupted by Pedro. Who’s a… well… a flying banana who guides you through the game and acts as the narrative force of the game other than the odd cutscene. You make your way through a number of different territories, each with a number of different levels to be completed.

A sort of old school arcade mechanic is employed for My Friend Pedro. In that each level gives you a grade depending on how many points you achieve, if you’ve avoided death or a number of mission specific tasks. As usual these come accompanied with a leader board, don’t even ask what my ranking is… its awful. Points are earned through combos and more attractive kills. There are various objects through the games such as barrels, breakable boards and glass, explosives and basket balls, that can all be used in creative ways to boost your tally.

You can earn mega points by using the focus skill, which slows down time and allows you dive around the place meaning you can truly unlock some of the coolest combos around. The controls are very simple but there’s a lot of things to learn. While dual wielding, you can split aim and don’t forget the dodge, where you quite literally dance around the bullets.

My Friend Pedro is a game that took me back to Year 9 IT class, as I refused to do any work instead spending the time prowling for online shoot ’em up games but it has evolved. The game may not blow your mind but it’s simple and fun to play on the go, especially on the Switch. Most of it was completed on the bus to and from work for me. I’d recommend to give it a go and get hitting those sweet combo numbers.